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MELVILLE, NY, May 11, 1999 - In-Touch Management Systems, Inc. announced today that the In-Touch II system has been successfully installed at Orange, Calif.-based Paging Dimensions, Inc.

Paging Dimensions, established in 1986, is a licensed paging provider on both 900 MHz and UHF frequencies. According to Cliff Tompkins, Paging Dimensions' vice president of operations, a substantial portion of their business is dedicated to serving resellers during standard business hours. Coverage is in Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington.

Tompkins said In-Touch II was selected after an extensive search. And the conversion only took three days -- an In-Touch team arrived on a Thursday, final billing on the old system was on Friday, and In-Touch II was operating on Monday afternoon.

"One of our big concerns was the Year 2000 bug," he said. Our previous system wasn't Y2K compliant and because we have 80,000 numbers, we can't afford any software failures. Not only was In-Touch II Y2K compliant, but it offered us more flexibility in organizing data and providing sophisticated reports that are useful for senior management."

In-Touch II has now seamlessly processed three complete billing cycles since installation. Although Paging Dimensions has only had the system operational for just over 90 days Tompkins said they have already noticed a marked improvement in the processing of customer transactions.

"When potential direct subscribers are on the phone or come to our office, we have to be able to activate the pager, provide the necessary features and get it done quickly," he said. "On the reseller side, because In-Touch II has such a large installed base with other carriers we don't have to go through a time consuming training program. We just get them new access codes and they're all set. Over the long-term, this also helps us get more customers."

Tompkins added that while In-Touch II has helped improve operations at Paging Dimensions, just as important has been the 'personal touch.' On that Friday in which Paging Dimensions generated the final billing on its old system, Tompkins said that Alan J. Hills, In-Touch's president, called him to make sure the conversion was going smoothly.

"He gave me his home telephone number, even his cell phone number and indicated I should call him if there were any problems. Well, there weren't any, but it's a nice personal touch to have the company president call and tell you to ring him at home if necessary."

In-Touch Management Systems, Inc., based in Melville, NY, was founded in 1982 and is an industry leader in developing software and supplying computer management systems for the paging/NPCS industry. The company's In-Touch II system integrates seamless switch/terminal interfacing, billing, inventory, and accounts receivable functions for paging operators. In-Touch II is designed with no limits open architecture and hardware/operating system independence, allowing maximum flexibility and seamless scalability. Today In-Touch Management Systems services paging/NPCS carriers and resellers throughout the U.S. and in 17 countries in Europe, Central America and South America.

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