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MELVILLE, NY, Jan. 20, 1999- In-Touch Management Systems, Inc. announced today that the In-Touch II system has been successfully installed at five major regional wireless communications and reseller companies. The companies are ATS, Omaha, NE; First Page, Goose Creek, SC; Lewis-Teledynamics, Cartersville, GA; Telebeep, Norfolk, NE; and Tracer Communications, Summerville, GA.

Telebeep, located about 90 miles west of Omaha, provides a number of services including wireless communications, paging, and two-way radio. The company is also a cellular agent and an authorized Motorola service facility. According to Tom Schommer, president of Telebeep, the In-Touch II system is interfaced to two Zetron paging terminals. "With In-Touch II it now only takes one person to do the entire paging activation process and that has helped reduce our overhead costs," he said. "Since the system is flexible, we can do automated prorations when there are any connects or disconnects which is a tremendous improvement on what we had before. It has also enhanced our inventory management."

Schommer added that collections and accounts receivables have improved. "We previously had to manually oversee 'aged' receivables for customers who had active pagers but were behind in their payments," he said. "Now we simply send out a collection'beep' to customers' pagers when the account reaches a certain aging level. We have set up voice mail boxes with specific messages stating that the account is 30 days past due, etc. Prior to the In-Touch II, we had to manually write letters, and conduct laborious follow-ups."

First Page, located just outside of Charleston, SC, is a division of Radio Communications of Charleston. The company provides full-service wireless communications to businesses and local government agencies and is also a PageNet reseller. Barry Meyer, First Page's manager, said his company is using two In-Touch Point-of-Sale Systems (POS). The Point-of-Sale System is a retail provisioning system consisting of a PC, cash register, modem and contract receipt printer and provides control of store systems from the paging operator's main server. Meyer said with In-Touch II's 'remote pooling' feature, First Page can pull pager phone numbers from PageNet's entire pool of phone numbers rather than having a dedicated pool of PageNet numbers assigned to them. It also has a remote pooling feature for assigning numbers. "Now when a customer walks in, if he needs paging coverage we can't provide, we can go to PageNet and activate a pager just as quickly from our own system," Meyer said. "Before, we had to use multiple computers and if a modem line was busy we couldn't activate the pager. We can instantly activate and test the pager and send a happy customer quickly out the door."

Meyer added that with In-Touch II, it's now more convenient for resellers to dial in, access their account and activate/deactivate pagers.

Lastly, Tracer Communications, 70 miles northwest of Atlanta, is a MetroCall partner and reseller with 90 reseller outlets. Owner Richard Prince said In-Touch II has helped increase productivity and enabled his company, located in a rural community, to become more self-sufficient. "We have grown substantially - from 487 customers to over 13,000 in less than three years," Prince said. "We're now able to run our own reports and have improved our billing procedures. We can identify charges for rental, airtime, even extra telephone time."

In-Touch Management Systems, Inc., based in Melville, NY, was founded in 1982 and is an industry leader in developing software and supplying computer management systems for the paging/NPCS industry. The company's In-Touch II system integrates seamless switch/terminal interfacing, billing, inventory, and accounts receivable functions for paging operators. In-Touch II is designed with no limits open architecture and hardware/operating system independence, allowing maximum flexibility and seamless scalability. Today In-Touch Management Systems services paging/NPCS carriers and resellers throughout the U.S. and in 17 countries in Europe, Central America and South America.

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