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OCEANSIDE, CA, Nov. 2, 2000 -- Advanced Personnel Systems, Inc. (APS; has released SmartSearch Wireless, the staffing industry's first wireless staffing management tool. Doug Coull, APS' president, made the announcement.

"SmartSearch Wireless is a value-added feature for our SmartSearch Online customers." Coull said. "We are the first staffing system to have integrated wireless connectivity. It's accessible via cell phones, personal digital assistants, and other wireless devices. If your office is in San Francisco and you're traveling in New York, for instance, you can use SmartSearch Wireless from your handheld device to view notes, check up on contacts, get directions and review candidate information."

SmartSearch Wireless supports various protocols such as WAP (Wireless Application Protocol), the technology that is fast becoming the standardized basis and future of the mobile Internet. The WAP Forum (, a consortium of hardware, software and other wireless-industry vendors - states that 95 percent of the world's handset manufacturers are committed to rolling out WAP-enabled devices over the next 12-24 months.

SmartSearch Wireless is compatible with any device supporting WML (Wireless Markup Language), a scalable and extensible programming language. WML permits the scaling of displays for use on the two-line screens found in some small devices, as well as the larger screens found on smart phones.

SmartSearch Wireless also uses a proprietary algorithm that encrypts users' identifications to maintain security.

Key features/benefits of SmartSearch Wireless include:

  • Look up candidates by last name, first name, phone number, city or ID.
  • Look up contacts by last name, first name, company name, city or ID.
  • View notes for any given candidate or contact.
  • Login page - Provides a link to be set up to the process login page. You don't have to type in your login ID and password when using a keypad.
  • A menu providing options candidate or contact look-ups.
  • Search screen to enter lookup parameters.
  • Each candidate/contact on the list will be a link to view more details about an individual. It returns a list of names that match the lookup criteria. The user then selects the name to view the complete information about the contact or candidate.
  • When viewing candidate or contact information, a link will appear as a menu item. Viewers can click it or scroll to it and press 'enter' (depending on the type of device they have) and they can then view notes.

APS ( is an innovative leader in developing Internet-based solutions for the staffing industry. Established in 1985, the firm is based in Oceanside, CA, about 30 miles north of San Diego. The company's flagship product, SmartSearch Online ( is a total Internet recruiting solution. SmartSearch Online is the only product offering wireless access and integration with Microsoft Outlook and provides clients worldwide with the technology framework for their Internet recruiting strategy.

In addition to selling and marketing SmartSearch Online in the United States, APS maintains strategic partnerships with companies in France, Germany and Hong Kong that distribute the product throughout Europe and Asia. Clients include Tyson Foods, Interstate Hotels, Sharp HealthCare, Belcan Technical Services, Quantum Resources, Copper Mountain Networks, and more.

Available in many languages, SmartSearch Online allows you to "Work locally…recruit globally."

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