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OCEANSIDE, CA, April 10, 2001 -- Advanced Personnel Systems, Inc. (APS) has introduced Version 7.0 of SmartSearch Online. Doug Coull, APS' president, made the announcement.

SmartSearch Online is an Internet-based staffing management system that eliminates the need for companies to purchase expensive hardware, software or technical support. The system features APS' SmartSearch database and has a 'user-friendly' interface that can be learned in minutes. Since it's Web-based, users can tap into their database anytime, anywhere they have Internet access.

"One of the most exciting new features of Version 7.0 is Job Track," Coull said. "With Job Track you get a detailed look and can establish business rules for the hiring process. It's tightly integrated with candidate, contact and job notes and you can keep detailed information for each job action. You can also establish multiple tracks to support different business rules and types of positions."

Coull added that Version 7.0 also provides direct integration with

"You don't even have to have an account with them," Coull said. "We'll bill you automatically on your SmartSearch Online account."

Version 7.0 also features Candidate Duplicate Checking. A link on a candidate's profile page informs you of any possible system duplicates. You can view and merge them into a single record - and activity and notes are always combined.

Coull said navigational tools have also been improved - the screens, for instance, have been redesigned to make them easier to read and use. Drop-down lists are easier to set up and maintain and Job, Contact, Business and Candidate lookups can be done for a specific user.

Other key new features of Version 7.0 include:

Multi-Language Support - SmartSearch Online is now available in English, French and German. International localization features relating to names, addresses, telephone numbers and dates have also been added.

Background Checking - SmartSearch Online is now fully integrated with so you can instantly perform background checks.

Instant Resume Viewing - You can add or change a resume and view it immediately.

Enhanced Outlook Integration - SmartSearch Online now interacts directly not only with Microsoft Outlook calendar, but with tasks too. You now have the option to save a reminder as either an appointment or a task.

New Reference Area - You can now track candidate references.

APS ( is an innovative leader in developing Internet-based solutions for the staffing industry. Established in 1985, the firm is based in Oceanside, CA, about 30 miles north of San Diego. The company's flagship product, SmartSearch Online (, provides clients worldwide with the technology framework for their Internet recruiting strategy. SmartSearch Online is the only product offering wireless access and integration with Microsoft Outlook.

In addition to selling and marketing SmartSearch Online in the United States, APS maintains strategic partnerships with companies in France, Germany and Hong Kong that distribute the product throughout Europe and Asia. Clients include Tyson Foods, Corestaff, Adecco, Interstate Hotels, Sharp HealthCare, Belcan Technical Services, Quantum Resources, Copper Mountain Networks, and more.

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