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KENNESAW, GA, Sept. 24, 2001 -- NexDSS, a division of Law Engineering and Environmental Services, Inc. (LAW), has introduced Vertex, an integrated suite of software modules that helps facility owners and managers document facility assets, evaluate current facility conditions, forecast asset deterioration and develop budgets for building systems life-cycle costs. Vertex converts physical assets into financial terms and produces a positive return on investment (ROI) on forecasted maintenance, repair and replacement costs.

"Our software is the only asset management software that is based on objective, quantifiable data," said Bill Faesenmeier, NexDSS Director. "Vertex uses financial models that are based on ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards for the financial evaluation of investments in buildings and building systems, validating the basis of the answers."

Designed to serve a variety of vertical markets, including education, manufacturing, institutional and corporate facilities, there are currently six modules comprising the Vertex suite - Core, Roofing, Pavement, HVAC, Mapping and Asbestos. The modules perform the following functions:

Asset Condition

  • Creates an inventory of physical assets
  • Quantifies distresses and defects in facilities
  • Generates a condition index for all assets
  • Estimates the assets' remaining useful service life
  • Predicts the future condition of an asset and asset deterioration
  • Updates assets' condition following maintenance, repair and/or replacement
  • Prioritizes and sets triggers for future repair and replacement activities


  • Calculates financial benefits and "what if" scenarios of maintenance, repair and replacement alternatives
  • Prioritizes spending across facility components
  • Evaluates life-cycle costs based on needs
  • Prepares multi-year prioritized budgets
  • Calculates annual operating and energy costs and tracks warranty information
  • Utilizes advanced modeling techniques based on industry standards

Site and Cost Conditions

  • Adjusts geographic cost differences with a city-index multiplier
  • Records profiles of all organizations and employees associated with running the facility
  • Enables clients to modify or add new assets as required
  • Allows cost factors to be modified to fit client conditions

Compatibility and Ease of Use

  • Links to AutoCAD® 2000i and other electronic documents
  • Generates over 80 detailed reports and forms
  • Eliminates the need for repetitive data entry
  • Provides access to projects and inspection data

"Vertex shows you how to maximize the balance between capital budgets and repair, replacement and maintenance dollars, while improving the reliability and service life of facility components," said Faesenmeier. "Corporate executives, managers and institutional directors can allocate appropriate funds and prepare defendable financial plans based on facts by using Vertex."

Founded in 1946, LAW is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. LAW is ranked 29th by Engineering News-Record (ENR) in its 2001 "Top 500 Design Firm" annual list. The company's services include many traditional engineering and scientific disciplines, and today is widely recognized as one of the world's leading engineering, environmental and design consulting services companies. The firm now has more than 3,000 professionals working in over 50 offices nationwide.

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