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OCEANSIDE, CA, May 3, 2002 -- Advanced Personnel Systems, Inc. (APS) has introduced Version 8.0 of SmartSearch Online. Doug Coull, APS' president, made the announcement.

SmartSearch Online is an Internet-based staffing management system that eliminates the need for companies to purchase expensive hardware, software or technical support. The system features APS' SmartSearch database and has a 'user-friendly' interface that can be learned in minutes. Since it's Web-based, users can tap into their database anytime, anywhere they have Internet access.

Key new features include:

Modes of Operation

The system may now be operated under one of two modes -- professional or staffing. When in the new staffing mode, candidate records will have additional fields to store hours available, days available, emergency contact info, and many other new fields, most of which or searchable from the profile search page. Users can record items such as test scores, skill sets and skill levels for each candidate and then search off each item previously listed. Clients may also use desired work shifts and days available as a parameter for searching the database.

Accounting Interface

When the Accounting Interface is enabled, SmartSearch writes a transaction record for each completed new hire, address/rate change, and termination. These transactions can then be displayed or printed by a browser, Word or Excel. They can also be written to a generic interface file for processing into an accounting system. Additionally, SmartSearch can send a separate email message to Accounting for each transaction as it is entered.

Accounting Tracking

When hiring or placing someone, users can commit the transaction to accounting. The information is logged into a table in the SmartSearch database. Users can then download transaction files for importing, or have on screen summaries.

Full Skill Code Functionality

Ranks the candidate's proficiency for each skill code, and then searches off the code and ranking.

HTML Preview

Can use HTML in job descriptions and preview how it even before saving. Users simply click on the link labeled 'Preview Job Description in HTML.'

Merge Duplicates

Merges duplicate businesses and contacts the same way as duplicate candidates. Users click on the 'Review possible duplicates' link in the upper left corner of the business or contact form.


Can limit searches to just resumes. Only resumes owned by the selected user are included in the result set (the 'owner' of a candidate is the User indicated in the candidate's profile).

APS is an innovative leader in developing Internet-based solutions for the staffing industry. Established in 1985, the firm is based in Oceanside, CA, about 30 miles north of San Diego. The company's flagship product, SmartSearch Online (, provides clients worldwide with the technology framework for their Internet recruiting strategy. SmartSearch Online is the only product offering wireless access and integration with Microsoft Outlook.

In addition to selling and marketing SmartSearch Online in the United States, APS maintains strategic partnerships with companies in France, Germany and Hong Kong that distribute the product throughout Europe and Asia. Clients include Tyson Foods, Corestaff, Adecco, Interstate Hotels, Sharp HealthCare, Belcan Technical Services, Quantum Resources, Copper Mountain Networks, and more.

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