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ALPHARETTA, GA, March 9, 2007 -- MACTEC Engineering and Consulting, Inc. (MACTEC), a wholly owned subsidiary of MACTEC, Inc., and Aleier, Inc., (Aleier) a wholly-owned subsidiary of RF Monolithics, Inc. [NASDAQ: RFMI], announced that they have signed an agreement forming a strategic alliance to offer integrated enterprise asset management (EAM) and engineered management systems (EMS) solutions to the facilities management market.

Between 20% and 40% or more of a company's net worth is tied up in its facility assets. When the MACTEC/Aleier integrated solution is implemented, companies more effectively preserve their facilities investment. The fully integrated solution can reduce a company's on-going maintenance cost of asset ownership by 10% or more and more efficiently communicate business operating conditions and data between people, devices, and systems.

The integrated solution assists financial professionals, facilities management professionals and building engineers in managing major building assets based on a verifiable return on investment (ROI), thereby enabling sound financial and operational decisions that are measurable at the bottom line. Corporations derive significant value from the integrated solution from both companies' distinctive product functionality and capabilities.

"Aleier's best-in-class EAM system is complemented by their unique expertise in data acquisition and collection that includes manual data entry and bulk data loading as well as continuous connectivity using innovative machine-to-machine communications technology," said Richard Garrison, Senior Vice President of MACTEC. Aleier, as an RF Monolithics company, is one of a group of companies that collectively enable the next generation of wireless solutions and provide global connectivity to billions of processes, devices, and machines commonly referred to as machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity to the pervasive Internet.

"MACTEC's EMS system is superior to its competitors in that it is based on the engineered calculation of condition indices that are dynamically updated to reflect actual operations of a wide array of facility operational environments," said Bill Caver, Aleier's President. Other EMS systems, which are typically referred to as Capital Planning Management Systems, rely solely on the facility condition index developed for the educational market. However, MACTEC has applied its 60+ years as a leader in the engineering, environmental and construction industries in its EMS system to provide objective, verifiable, and repeatable facility condition data that effectively addresses unique facilities management challenges of certain corporate and government sectors.

MACTEC's engineering decision support system software Vertex® and Aleier's asset management software FM1j interpriseTM are enterprise-level applications based on SQL databases and are Web-architected for access across the Internet.

MACTEC's Vertex is utilized by global enterprises and the U.S. military to assess the condition of facilities based on engineering analysis, forecast remaining useful life using asset condition-indices and life cycle cost scenario analysis, and manage asset and maintenance budgets over strategic timeframes. Aleier's FM1j interprise enables companies to manage a wide array of assets over their entire life cycles and includes a computerized maintenance management system utilized by some of the largest organizations across North America.

The integrated systems share and synchronize their asset databases and exchange data bi-directionally in real-time. Maintenance requirements indicated by MACTEC's application pass into and are managed by Aleier's application. In addition, the actual costs of asset maintenance activity and current data on asset condition are sent from Aleier's application to MACTEC's application to update condition indices, cost models and maintenance budget projections.

FM1j interprise is delivered with expansive libraries developed over 15 yeas that include maintenance procedures and hazardous materials information. There is no need to purchase add-on modules because FM1 includes every feature and capability out-of-the-box. Each component may be activated or deactivated with the click of a button at any time and at no additional charge.

Vertex is based on American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) financial, engineering standards, as well as cost tables from industry standards such as RSMeans and Marshall & Swift, and additional cost information from MACTEC's 3,000+ engineers across the U.S. Vertex can be licensed to the user or web hosted by MACTEC with its entire functionality ready-to-use upon implementation.

Additionally, both companies will offer their professional services as part of the alliance. MACTEC will provide a broad range of facilities support services to include architectural and engineering design, construction management, outsourced facility maintenance and management services, and asset condition assessment survey services. Aleier will provide field asset inventory and tagging services, data acquisition and asset connectivity expertise, as well as innovative wireless sensor networking to ensure condition-based maintenance.


Headquartered in Atlanta, MACTEC is a leading consulting firm providing engineering, environmental and construction services to over 7,000 public and private clients worldwide. Operating with 90 US offices and 3,000 employees and specialists in over 50 disciplines, MACTEC is currently ranked 29th among Engineering News-Record's Top 500 Design Firms, based on 2005 revenues. For more information on MACTEC, please visit the company's website at

About Aleier

With offices in Plano, Texas, Aleier has deployed Enterprise Asset Management software for over a decade in municipal, state, and federal government agencies and businesses for applications including maintenance management, fixed asset tracking, building automation and electronics control and monitoring. Aleier software provides customers the ability to utilize and manage the data they now have available, which can be collected via either a wired or wireless data collection infrastructure. Its architecture and features make it an ideal platform for developing asset management and optimization applications seen as a key opportunity within the pervasive Internet space. For more information regarding Aleier's products and services, please visit Aleier's web site at

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