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DENVER, CO, Feb. 13, 2008 -- The SDR Forum announced today that four radio technology providers - Agilent, Datron, EF Johnson, and STMicroelectronics - have joined the Forum as new members.

A brief snapshot of each company:

Agilent Technologies (, located in Santa Clara, CA, is the world's premier measurement company and a technology leader in communications, electronics, life sciences and chemical analysis. The company has two business segments -bioanalytical measurement and electronic measurement. Agilent has 19,000 employees and serves customers in more than 110 countries. Fiscal year 2007 revenues were $5.4 billion.

Datron World Communications ( is a privately-held company in Vista, CA, and is widely recognized as a world leader in HF/VHF voice and data communications. Radio products and communications systems are provided to government, military and industrial organizations in over 100 countries worldwide.

Irvine, TX-based EF Johnson ( provides two-way radios and trunked/conventional communication systems for law enforcement, fire fighters, EMS and the military. The company was founded in 1923 and was one of the first developers of wireless communications products to be fully compliant with Project 25 interoperability standards.

STMicroelectronics (, located in Geneva, Switzerland, is one of the world's largest semiconductor companies with net revenues of $10 billion in 2007. The company is a leading producer of application-specific analog chips and power conversion devices, and is the number one supplier of semiconductors for the industrial market and for set-top box applications.

"By joining the SDR Forum, these companies illustrate the continuing value the Forum brings in facilitating collaboration between technical, government, and business leaders at all levels of the value chain", said SDR Forum CEO Lee Pucker. "Through the SDR Forum these companies will be able to develop reports, recommendations and standards that expand market opportunities, reduce costs (development, production, operations), and shorten the time to deploy software defined and cognitive radio technologies,"

More information on joining the SDR Forum will be available at the SDR Forum's 58th General Meeting in Rome, Italy from April 14-17. Technical, business and government leaders worldwide will gather to discuss key issues related to SDR technology and its deployment. Among the highlights of this meeting will be a plenary presentation by Motorola Program Manager Didier Bourse introducing the E3 (End-to-End Efficiency) program, a plenary roundtable session led by innovITS CEO Phil Pettitt exploring the use of software defined and cognitive radio technologies in intelligent transportation systems.

Other activities will include continued advancement of the cognitive use cases and the trade study on the multi-service portable radios by the Forum's Public Safety Special Interest Group as well as work on the meta-language for mobility use cases and scenario analysis, the cognitive nomenclature document, response to ITU-R WP5A questions on cognitive radio, the specification on securing software reconfigurable communications technologies, and a number of relevant APIs (application programming interfaces) by the Technical Committee. In addition, the Regulatory Committee will provide a plenary summary on the initial results of the SDR Forum regulatory request for information, which will be used as a basis for defining the Forum's international regulatory agenda.

Additional details and registration information are available on the web at

About the SDR Forum

Established in 1996, the SDR Forum is a nonprofit international industry association dedicated to supporting the development and deployment of software defined radio systems that enable flexible and adaptable architectures in advanced wireless systems. Currently numbering some 100 organizations, the Forum's membership spans commercial, defense and civil government organizations, including wireless service providers, network operators, component and equipment manufacturers, hardware and software developers, regulatory agencies, and academia from Asia, Europe, and North America. The SDR Forum's administrative office is headquartered in Denver.

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