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Aug. 13, 2010 : Processor

Total Network Protection

Network Box Unified Threat Management Offers The Best In Security

Protecting your enterprise from countless online threats can be a challenge, especially if your IT staff doesn’t have the security knowledge and expertise it takes to fully manage your company’s defenses.

Network Box (www.network-box.com) is a managed security provider that has been in the business of helping SMEs better protect their networks for about a decade. The company was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Hong Kong. It added a U.S. network operations center in Houston, Texas, in 2003. Network Box has other offices in London, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan.

Security Specialty

Network Box’s specialty is providing Internet security for SMEs. “Our mission is to make Internet security available and affordable to enterprises of all sizes,” says Pierluigi Stella, CTO of Network Box USA. “Our flagship product includes a range of Internet threat prevention and security appliances,” he adds.

The company’s full-featured UTM (unified threat management) appliance and accompanying service can scale to meet the needs of networks of all sizes.

Similar to large enterprises, Stella says, SMEs are also victims of online threats, but SMEs may be at a disadvantage. “These businesses suffer the same security issues as larger corporations but lack the knowledge and resources to fight back as effectively,” he says. “Many [SMEs] had no protection at all; those who did were not managing them properly, and that meant being as unprotected as those who had none,” he adds.

Along with Network Box’s goal to offer simple security solutions for SMEs, Stella says, the company also strives to keep its products up-to-date against the latest Internet security threats.

Research & Development

Currently, Network Box is working on researching and developing several technologies that will help it continue to offer customers the utmost in Internet security and protection. According to Stella, some of these areas include threat protection and detecting new and unknown threats, data loss prevention, vulnerability assessment, and the full integration of all its UTM services into a single holistic service.

Network Box’s dedication to providing the best Internet security appliance on the market is not the only thing that sets it apart from other managed security providers. Stella notes that regardless of the size of the company, the features of Network Box UTM stay the same. “We do not shortchange the small customers by reducing the feature set to provide a cheaper product,” he says. In addition, Network Box solutions are easier to deploy than other appliances because the hardware is provided with the service.

“With Network Box, customers do not pay for the hardware; they simply use it for as long as they are under contract and pay for the service,” Stella says, which reduces purchasing issues and financial worries and makes it easier to upgrade. “If the customer grows and needs a bigger box, it upgrades the service, and we replace the UTM device with a larger one,” he says.

One of the biggest benefits of working with Network Box is the reassurance that your network is protected, because it is fully managed by Network Box. “By adopting Network Box, [SMEs] now have 24/7 protection in the hands of a global company that works with them to define/improve their Internet security policies,” Stella says. Pair that with automatic, real-time updates, and that translates into a continuous, worry-free, and efficient protection system for your network.

by Kris Glaser Brambila

Network Box UTM Appliance

Network Box UTM ApplianceThe Network Box UTM appliance helps small and medium-sized enterprises effectively manage their security. The comprehensive UTM appliance incorporates all the necessary tools to protect your network, including multiple firewalls; an IDPS (intrusion detection and prevention system); email protection with three antivirus systems (Kaspersky, Clam, and Network Box); antispam protection; and Web protection.

The UTM appliance’s tools work together to protect your network against a variety of Internet threats. “By installing a Network Box, a company can become automatically protected against the latest viruses, hackers, worms, backdoors, and other online menaces easily, effortlessly, and cost-effectively,” says Network Box USA CTO Pierluigi Stella.

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