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Stantum Unveils Elule, the First Cloud-Based Software Designed for the Teacher Community, and Galago, a Tablet for Elementary Schools, to Digitize Education

PARIS, Dec. 3, 2013 — Stantum, an innovator in education technology, unveiled Elule, the first cloud-based service specifically designed for teachers to facilitate curriculum planning and sharing, and Galago, a new generation tactile tablet developed to meet elementary school needs, at the Educatec-Educatice trade show in Paris. The software and tablet were designed together in order to bring education into the digital era by providing teachers and students with a dedicated solution for elementary school classrooms.

Elule will be available for free to teachers in public Beta in the first quarter of 2014.

Due to its innovation and radically new approach, Stantum's project was selected by France's Call for Projects in e-Education #2, "Innovative digital services for e-education." As part of this selection, Elule and the Galago tablet are currently undergoing private Beta testing in 10 schools across the French cities of Bordeaux and Mérignac.

Well aware of the obstacles that teachers face in accessing quality digital educational resources, Stantum has entered into partnerships with leading French publishers including Hachette, Hatier, Nathan, Retz, Le Robert, Bordas, and Didier, among others, in order to create a complete ecosystem of scholastic content for its pilot project.

"Tablets and cloud-based social networks offer extraordinary possibilities that are adopted and shared by the heart of the education community. However, there is an urgent need for tools that are adapted to education and the classroom environment, and consumer tools are not optimized for such use on a large scale," said Guillaume Largillier, Co-Founder of Stantum. "We have spent years developing Elule and throughout this time consulted with the scholastic community to understand the challenges they face and fine-tune the technology to meet their needs. We believe that Elule, used in conjunction with the Galago tablet, has the potential to generate new excitement for learning—from both teacher and student perspectives—as well as inspire a more creative learning environment."

About Stantum

Stantum is a new company in the sector of e-education. Based in Bordeaux, its team consists of specialists across multiple areas of expertise, ranging from electronics and mechanics to embedded software and web development. For more information:

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