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The Power Company Launches Flex-Card; First Device That Brings Universal Storage to Every Phone and Computer

FRANKLIN, TN, April 8, 2015 - The Power Company, a leading edge product design company focused on smart electronics, has launched the industry's first physical storage device that brings together all mobile phones and computer devices.

The Flex-Card - which can connect iPhones, Androids, iPads, PCs, tablets, Macs and more - was released today on Indiegogo. The Flex-Card, the fourth product created by The Power Company, seeks to bridge the gap of sharing files between different operating systems without connecting to a cloud-based system.

"With all the problems people have experienced with the cloud and browser-based storage, the Flex-Card should make technology users feel more secure by not utilizing an Internet connection," said Gene Aikens, founder of The Power Company and designer of the Flex-Card.

The Flex-Card contains two flexible cables, as well as connectors that can attach, depending on the device the user is using. The two main cables include a 3.0 USB connector and a micro connector, while the attachments include a Lightning 8-pin connector (iPhone 5 and newer), 30-pin (iPhone/iPad older generations), and the newly released USB-C.

"With the cables being flexible, users can connect to any device protected by a case, without having to remove their phone," Aikens said, describing the added features of the Flex-Card.

The Power Company is seeking to initially raise $3,000 through its Flex-Card Indiegogo campaign to start production of the manufacturing molds. Once the company hits its funding goal, another Indiegogo campaign will immediately be launched to raise $50,000 for the first Flex-Card manufacturing run. Other plans for the Flex-Card include a variety of colors, clip-on attachments, and new app development. The current Indiegogo Flex-Card specials range from $65 to $345 for the 256GB model.

Additional Flex-Card features include:

  • Copy/move files between Android, Apple/iOS Mobile Devices, Tablets, PC, and/or MAC into the Flex-Card.
  • No Internet needed: Open files directly from the Flex-Card without using a cloud system or Internet connection.
  • Stream all your music and movies directly from the Flex-Card to your mobile device.
  • Speed: The Flex-Card runs at the fastest 3.0 speed, allowing users to transfer files fast and efficiently.
  • Charge any Apple, Android, or Windows Mobile device 100% directly from your computer without a charging cable.
  • Case Friendly: With its flexible adapters, the Flex-Card can fit any case that's connected to your device.
  • Encryption: Add a password for added security when storing personal data.
  • File Management: Copy/cut/paste/delete/rename & create folders.
  • Backup: Backup all of your photos, videos, and music from a MAC or PC.

The Flex-Card follows on the heels of The Power Company's successful launch of the Smart Card, and the iPocket Drive, which were both recently featured in iPhone Life.

For more information about the Flex-Card Indiegogo campaign, please visit:

Additional images of the Flex-Card can be found here:

About the Power Company:

The Power Company is a leading product design company focused on smart electronics. The company's premier product, the Smart Card, a wallet-sized iPhone and Android charger, was released on Indiegogo in 2014. The Smart Card was successfully funded, raising more than $60,000, and is now a part of Indiegogo's Forever Funding program and still available for contributions. The company's second product, the iPocket Drive, solved the problem of iPhone users having portable storage and successfully raised over $180,000. The latest product, the Flex-Card, is the first device to bring universal storage to every phone and computer. More information at

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