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San Diego: Perfecting Paradise, Copyright 1999 by Heritage Media Corporation


Most real estate firms market homes - North County-based Dyson & Dyson markets a 'lifestyle,' with the home being the centerpiece of that lifestyle. For Bob & Loraine Dyson, the husband and wife team who established Dyson & Dyson in 1988, that basic philosophy has enabled them to build San Diego's most successful independent real estate company.

The Dysons are not merely marquee names on buildings and corporate letterhead stationery. They are totally immersed in the operation and compliment each other well. Bob is the former chairman and CEO of Red Carpet Corporation of America, one of the nation's largest real estate franchises, and has worked all over the country. Loraine is a local, born and raised in La Jolla. Bob is considered the 'brains'of the business; Loraine the 'heart' and the marketing/promotional expert. Over her many years in the industry, she has personally viewed thousands of Dyson & Dyson listings. They both rely on a 'team approach' by working closely with both Dyson & Dyson agents and clients.

The key to their success has been crafting and molding a quality sales and support team and providing them with an environment reflecting the company's high standard of professionalism. The offices are tastefully decorated - terraced multilevels, interior archways, stone balustrade railings and caps, fountains, a library filled with comfortable furniture, fireplaces, in short, it has a residential look to it designed to make people feel at home.

The support staff is comprised of more than 50 professionals. An in-house legal department provides on-site accessibility for document review. This saves clients time and money as any legal problems and unforeseen entanglements during a transaction can be rectified immediately. The company's escrow department insures documentation compliance. They also coordinate all inspections and closing details.

Other services help distinguish Dyson & Dyson. The company has a luxury-leasing program with a separate department devoted exclusively to seasonal or long-term leasing of luxury homes. A fleet of complimentary vehicles (limousines, utility vans, and moving vans) is provided to their clientele at no cost for property tours, airport transfers, social events and for moving. There are two company aircraft and a helicopter available for regional air travel and aerial photography.

Innovative marketing and advertising is another key to the Dyson & Dyson success story. The company uses a multi-media approach - full-color, double-page newspaper ads appear regularly in select markets. Professionally designed full-color ads are placed in lifestyle magazines with editorial formats pinpointing affluent luxury home buying readers. Direct mail is selectively employed to market special-appeal properties. Special interest properties are also advertised on their Web site -

Dyson & Dyson uses unconventional advertising media to make an impact on spectators at special venues such as skywriting at the World Series. The company also holds an annual Dyson & Dyson charity golf tournament. Dyson & Dyson utilizes a live-action corporate video to promote and market the company to clients and associates worldwide. In fact, Dyson & Dyson agents use the corporate video to create their own customized videos to market specific properties to potential buyers nationwide and overseas. Lastly, the company utilizes in-house teleconferencing facilities to complete long-distance transactions, 'face to face.'

Dyson & Dyson's presence has been mostly in the coastal communities of Southern California during the past decade. While the average sales price for Dyson & Dyson properties is about $500,000, the company represents and markets properties from $100,000 to estate properties in the multi-million dollar range. Dyson & Dyson has provided quality service to thousands of satisfied clients, including corporate executives from blue chip firms like Qualcomm and Microsoft.

The Dysons are looking ahead to the future and will adapt their business philosophy to other areas of California. In 1998, the company opened three offices in the Palm Springs area that services the upscale residential home market in Indian Wells, La Quinta, Rancho Mirage and Palm Desert. Dyson & Dyson has discovered that their clients enjoy two lifestyles - the desert in the winter; the cool coastal area in the summer, so they advertise coastal properties in the desert; and desert-based homes to coastal owners.

The combination of skilled agents and support staff and the personal attention of Bob & Loraine Dyson have resulted in a business formula that has served both the company and its clients exceptionally well.

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