"Good sense, not age, brings wisdom."

- Syrus, Maxims

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"AlsoEnergy provides energy monitoring and financial management software solutions for renewable energy developers, Leavitt Communications -- International Marketing Communicationsmanufacturers and investors who are establishing today's clean-tech industry standards and best practices. Leavitt Communications has helped us to reach out to this core clientele by working with key editors and analysts and keeping theminformed on relevant developments."

Robert Schaefer, CEO

Leavitt Communications -- International Marketing Communications"Leavitt Communications has been our PR counsel since 1999. Neal brings to the table a thorough understanding of global marketing communications issues and strategies and has worked on PR campaigns for us both in the US and abroad. One notable example -- he coordinated media activities in Cairo when we introduced a new technology for healthcare practitioners and also participated with me in marketing and sales meetings with senior Arab League officials."

Dr. Keith Vrbicky, Founder/CEO
American Educational Telecommunications

Leavitt Communications -- International Marketing Communications"As a global provider of business enabling Location Intelligence technologies, Amristar has an excellent worldwide reputation. Leavitt Communications helped solidify this via a targeted marketing communications program."

Gary Macbeth, CEO

Leavitt Communications -- International Marketing Communications"Leavitt Communications has worked closely with us the past few years and has generated a welter of positive publicity from a broad expanse of important trade and business publications in the US and abroad."

Mike Spaid, CEO
Cambrios Advanced Materials Corp.

Leavitt Communications -- International Marketing Communications"Leavitt Communications created cogent, concise, properly optimized copy for our website. Traffic is now up and our clients have indicated the site is very user-friendly and easily navigable."

Sandy Huseby, Co-founder, Co-principal, COO
Crummack Huseby, Inc.

Leavitt Communications -- International Marketing Communications"Halo offers a full suite of business intelligence solutions and has more than 300 customers encompassing a wide array of vertical markets. Leavitt Communications worked with us to publicize significant company developments to business and technology editors and industry analysts."

Ray Major, former President

Leavitt Communications -- International Marketing Communications"Neal and his colleagues have an excellent grasp of technology; their PR efforts have resulted in significant coverage for the Foundation. We recently released a new specification, for instance, and a number of key tech publications did extensive stories that were well-received by our members and our industry."

John Glossner, President
HSA Foundation

Leavitt Communications -- International Marketing Communications"We host two major events each year in Berlin and Santa Clara that bring together multiple inter-related emerging technologies in one place, with eight parallel conference tracks on the topics of printed and flexible electronics; wearable technology; 3D printing; sensors; graphene; Internet of Things; energy harvesting and storage; and electric vehicles. Leavitt Communications has helped engineer a lot of positive publicity with both US and European media that has further raised awareness of these events."

Raghu Das, CEO

Leavitt Communications -- International Marketing Communications"Leavitt Communications represented us in North America for 11 years until we went in-house with our PR; we were very satisfied with their proactive approach and informed advice, which made a significant difference to our presence in both the media and the coverage of US-based analysts and editors."

David Harold, Vice President of Marketing Communications
Imagination Technologies

"LA Consulting has worked with Leavitt Communications since 1993. They have generated what has now become for us a considerable archive of stories that have solidified us as an industry leader in providing a broad spectrum of Leavitt Communications -- International Marketing Communicationsmanagement, planning, systems and technology services to public agencies and municipalities nationwide."

Harry Lorick, Founder
LA Consulting

Leavitt Communications -- International Marketing Communications"Neal and his associates at Leavitt Communications have an excellent grasp of technology and were invaluable in publicizing our company's products/services to key media. They also coordinated with their PR colleagues overseas to ensure that we had a uniform message among our offices in Hong Kong, Australia and the United Kingdom."

Pierluigi Stella, Chief Technology Officer
Network Box USA

Leavitt Communications -- International Marketing Communications"We're a provider of highly integrated radio frequency (RF) and modem technology delivering leading edge solutions for high performance wireless applications. We needed to retain a PR firm that truly understood our technology. Leavitt Communications gets it and they have rolled out a number of product announcements, for instance, that have been picked up worldwide."

Guruswami Sridharan, President
Orca Systems

Leavitt Communications -- International Marketing Communications"Neal and his team implemented an effective email campaign to help increase attendance for the annual Display Week conference. All of the email open rates were in double figures - our industry average is between 3-5%. Another key task was creating a quarterly e-newsletter - Inside Display Week, also very well-received by SID members."

Sri Peruvemba, Head of Marketing
Society for Information Display

Leavitt Communications -- International Marketing Communications"Strategic partnerships often begin when/where you least expect them -- Neal wrote a story a few years about on NoSQL databases for IEEE Computer. I contacted him to indicate I enjoyed reading the article. Fast forward a bit - he and his colleagues at Leavitt Communications are helping us publicize Suvola."

Chris Piedmonte, Co-founder/CEO

Leavitt Communications -- International Marketing Communications"We're expanding rapidly and Leavitt Communications is helping to publicize this to key trade and business press, analysts, and clients. They have an excellent handle on working with a wide variety of media genres both in the U.S. and abroad."

Moustapha Tadlaoui, CEO
Visure Solutions

Leavitt Communications -- International Marketing CommunicationsThe ZED group of companies are privately held corporations located in Europe and North America. They are dedicated to developing a universal replacement for the internal combustion engine. All ZED (Zero Emissions Design) engine configurations incorporate the latest engineering and metallurgy knowledge in a "clean sheet" approach to replacing the inefficient internal combustion engine. Leavitt Communications is working closely with us to reinforce this core message to various publics.

John Berkyto, President