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Halo BI Announces Source 7.5, Expands Holistic Business Intelligence Platform

SAN DIEGO, Feb. 24, 2014 -- Halo Business Intelligence (Halo BI), a global provider of business intelligence software and solutions, announced today the availability of Halo Source 7.5, an update to its powerful data extraction, aggregation and analysis engine that serves as the core of the Halo Business Intelligence Platform.

"Halo Source 7.5 is another step on the path to bringing enterprise-level data warehouse and business intelligence capabilities to the mid-market," said Ray Major, President and CEO of Halo Business Intelligence. "Our customers have the same need to be able to quickly analyze data from multiple sources and make better decisions based on that information as large enterprises. We are happy to be able to provide them those
capabilities at a much lower cost than traditional BI systems, and we will continue to do so in the future."

Halo Source 7.5 offers several new features and enhancements to benefit users, including:

• New and improved data connectors, giving users the ability to perform analytics on marketing data, such as Google Analytics, AdWords, and web traffic;

• Enhanced financial reporting, enabling users to quickly map one set of object accounts to multiple report structures in order to create multiple variants of reports such as income statements; for example, one internal, one GAAP;

• Enhanced support for slowly changing dimensions (SCDs) which gives users the ability to manage and analyze data that changes slowly over time, such as product pricing, name changes, and sales territories;

• Increased programmability for complex SQL routines, allowing complex SQL routines to be developed and embedded into models within Halo Source;

• New project analysis tools that allow users to monitor the performance of the Halo BI platform in terms of usage, data integrity, server load and more;

• New automated data quality logs that allow users to track, monitor and assess data integrity in the BI system over time.

Built on top of industry standard SQL technologies, Halo Source provides small and medium-sized businesses with enterprise level data mashup, data quality, data warehousing and data analysis capabilities. Combined with Halo Prism, its front-end data visualization tool, Halo BI provides a holistic business intelligence platform that
empowers better decision-making across the entire enterprise.

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