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ROCKI Launches "ROCKI Inside" to Bring Wi-Fi Speakers to Everyone Simply and Easily

LAS VEGAS, JAN. 6, 2014 -- Wi-Fi home audio specialist ROCKI plans to revolutionize the music streaming market with its new "ROCKI Inside," the first-ever Wi-Fi, multi-room stereo system for the masses. Wireless music is currently dominated by Bluetooth, which was designed for speech, not for music. Low bandwidth means the music has to be heavily compressed. Yet it dominates the market because of price. Furthermore, Bluetooth is only a cable replacement, and offers no added functionality like multi-room, multi-user where everyone can enjoy music in a networked environment.

The small and compact ROCKI Inside bridges this gap by allowing every speaker brand to create new Wi-Fi speaker designs, as well as quickly launch Wi-Fi speakers using their existing speakers. Below are some comparisons between ROCKI Inside and Bluetooth:

Wi-Fi Speakers with ROCKI Inside

Bluetooth Speakers

Complete network functionality in line with today's social and sharing lifestyle

Only serves as cable-replacement with no extra functionality

Over tens of meters, extendable to hundreds of meters, through walls. Most homes are already Wi-Fi-enabled in every corner of the house.

Typically works only up to 5m distance

Digital music is streamed "as is" without distortion; or use FLAC with perfect lossless sound quality

Streams digital music in highly compressed audio transmission designed for speech, not for music

Always available - because it's always connected to your home Wi-Fi, you do not have to keep pairing each time

Always need to go through the pairing process before playing music

Control / play music from across all devices - phones, tablets, laptops, computers

Computers typically do not have Bluetooth but do have Wi-Fi

Works with your existing network media devices UPnP/DLNA. Media Players, XBMC Media Center, Xbox, PlayStation

No compatibility with existing network media players

Able to use your phone for calls while music continues to play

Cannot play music and talk at the same time

Able to take your phone "out of range" while music continues to play

Needs to keep phone within the limited Bluetooth distance

Multi-user - everyone including friends and family can play music using their own phones


Multi-room - you can play from any of the speakers or all at the same time. Great for those awesome house parties with music everywhere, even in the bathroom


Party mode - designed for social party playlist where everyone can join in to queue and manage songs on the playlist


"The launch of ROCKI Inside is in line with our vision to simplify and improve home audio for everyone." says Nick NM Yap, ROCKI co-founder and CEO.

This is the first unveiling of ROCKI Inside, signaling ROCKI's ambitious path to become the Wi-Fi music streaming technology of choice for home audio. The company is now positioned to be a major player in the consumer electronics industry beyond its recently concluded successful Kickstarter campaign, which raised more than $220,000 from over 2,300 backers worldwide.


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ROCKI has designed and developed the ROCKI Wi-Fi Music System with the vision to revolutionize home music. ROCKI changes the way everyone enjoys music by first transforming all existing speakers new or old into Wi-Fi speakers, and then building the ROCKI system that plays music from every phone, to all speakers, for everyone.

ROCKI. From every phone. To all speakers. For everyone. Free your music!

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