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crystalsol Announces Development of Fully Printed Flexible Photovoltaic Film Using Silver Nanowires from Cambrios

July 14, 2015 – San Francisco, CA (Intersolar North America) –Vienna, Austria-based flexible photovoltaic film (PV) innovator, crystalsol GmbH, and Cambrios Technologies, the Sunnyvale, CA-based leader in silver nanowire technology, today announced that crystalsol has successfully developed fully printed flexible solar cells using silver nanowires from Cambrios. Solar cells from the pilot production line at crystalsol are shipping into low volume consumer products. crystalsol expects large volume product shipment into building integrated photovoltaics market to begin in the near future.

"Our proprietary printed solar cell technology successfully achieves highly efficient solar cells that are thin, lightweight and flexible allowing our solar films to be integrated into building facades, chassis of vehicles as well as clothing/accessories for consumer applications," said crystalsol CEO Rumman Syed. "The highly conductive ClearOhm® silver nanowires from Cambrios enables us to move to a fully printed solar cell architecture and achieve the high throughput and cost structure required for success in this competitive market segment."

crystalsol's thin film-based photovoltaic (PV) module production process is based on roll-to-roll printing, enabling high throughputs and exceptional cost structure. This improved production approach is expected to reach large scale within the next 18 months.

"The entire thrust of the PV film industry is driving down large-scale production costs while exceeding the performance of traditional PV technologies," added Cambrios President & CEO John LeMoncheck. "Our two companies are bringing added value by pushing this technology further and faster into the building integrated thin-film PV market segments."

Market Trend

According to a market study by NanoMarkets, annual revenues for building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) are growing rapidly and expected to reach over U.S. $ 35 billion by 2019.

About crystalsol

In the forefront of next-generation solar cell technology, the company creates flexible photovoltaic film offering exceptional cost and versatility advantages versus traditional photovoltaic cell technologies. Its energy capturing films, either opaque or semi-transparent, may be integrated into windows, facades and rooftops of buildings as well as can be integrated into consumer products like mobile chargers, bags, clothing and motor vehicles of all kinds. The cells can be laminated with polymer foil for integration in structured facades or encapsulated in glass for higher stability. Due to the simple production process, the films can be tailor-made in shape and size. crystalsol's solar cells generate electrical power cost-competitively within many end user markets.

About Cambrios Technology

Cambrios leads the industry in providing innovative solutions using nanotechnology. Its breakthrough silver nanowire-based transparent conductor material simplifies and cost-reduces electronics manufacturing and improves end-product performance for electronic devices. The company's ClearOhm® product is a transparent conductor with significantly higher optical and electrical performance than traditional materials and methods. Applications of ClearOhm include touch screens, EMI shielding, LCDs, ePaper, OLED lighting and thin film photovoltaics. Cambrios is headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif., with offices in Japan and Taiwan.

Media contact

Neal Leavitt
Phone: 760 639 2900

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