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Imagination’s PowerVR Wizard Ray Tracing Design Team Wins UBM Canon’s ACE Award for Design Team of the Year 2015

LONDON, UK – July 23, 2015 – Imagination Technologies (IMG.L) announces that the design team for its innovative PowerVR Wizard Ray Tracing GPUs has been named Design Team of the Year in UBM Canon's EE Times and EDN Annual Creativity in Electronics (ACE) Awards for 2015.

Imagination's PowerVR Wizard GPUs raise the bar for ray traced graphics in consumer and mobile products to a dramatic new level, delivering astonishing realism and performance at mobile power budgets and cost constraints. Wizard GPUs enable more immersive games and apps with real-life dynamic lighting models that enable advanced lighting effects, dynamic soft shadows, and life-like reflections and transparencies, previously unachievable in a mobile form factor. In addition, PowerVR Wizard Ray Tracing IP is highly scalable, making it disruptive to many markets beyond mobile, including next-generation game consoles where it will enable unique differentiation for manufacturers.

The EE Times and EDN ACE Awards celebrate the creators of technology who demonstrate leadership and innovation in the global industry and shape the world we live in. The ACE Awards are presented in 23 categories and are judged by a blue-ribbon panel of industry experts, comprising the leading voices of academia, industry executives and content experts.

The Design Team of the Year Award is awarded to a group of innovators in the electronics industry whose collaborative efforts made a significant contribution to the advancement of technology and whose planning and execution efforts are superb. Finalists in each category were chosen by expert editors from both EE Times and EDN with accompanying editorial reviews.

Martin Ashton, EVP PowerVR multimedia business unit, Imagination, says: "We are delighted to receive this prestigious award from UBM that recognizes the success of the PowerVR Wizard design team. This team has delivered unique solutions that will redefine the state of the art in consumer and mobile graphics technology. With Wizard GPUs, our licensees and developers are empowered to create a new wave of immersive and exciting PowerVR-based consumer experiences."

Suzanne Deffree executive editor, EDN, says: "Each year our ACE Awards showcase the unique best-of-breed products and technologies, as well as companies and individuals that have influenced our industry. Imagination's PowerVR Wizard Ray Tracing design team has developed powerful graphics technology that holds great promise in a competitive field."

PowerVR Wizard GPUs are the culmination of eight years of effort from a global team of designers. The Wizard graphics architecture is a significant addition to the lineup of market-leading PowerVR GPUs, which are already present in many of the world's most iconic smartphones, tablets and other consumer products.

Luke Peterson, director of research for PowerVR Ray Tracing, says: "In developing Wizard GPUs, we approached the problem differently. While others in the industry were focused on solving ray tracing using GPU compute, we came up with a new approach which we combined with our many years of prior expertise in developing leading-edge, highly efficient 3D graphics for gaming and UIs. This allowed us to challenge assumptions that the rest of the industry took for granted and cleared the way for some major breakthroughs."

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