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UNICOM Announces Four Co-Located Conferences in Chicago

Data Analytics / Sentiment Mining / IoT / NextGen DevOps / NextGen Testing

CHICAGO, Aug. 7, 2015 – Global events and training company UNICOM (HQ London) today announced it is hosting four co-located conferences in Chicago on Sept. 17 at the Congress Plaza Hotel.

Virtual conference attendance:

UNICOM also offers a virtual attendance option via live streaming making it possible to join the conferences online from any location in the US or Canada.

Data Analytics and Sentiment Mining

Will explore how data analytics impacts businesses, also considering its connections with predictive analytics and the new area of real-time analytics. It will also focus on the foundations of sentiment mining and some of its applications. The conference features presentations by subject experts as well as case studies and interactive panels.

Internet of Things – Understanding the Value Chain

The conference will explore the latest happening in IoT Industry and how the Internet of Things will re-shape our interactions with the real and virtual worlds in the coming years. This event shall provide you the opportunity to meet IoT experts, startups and network with experienced business and technical practitioners. Also attend interactive sessions in the area of IoT to be conducted by thought-leaders from Nokia Growth Partners, MetaScale, Greenfii LLC, FIBARO, eleks, Vobal Technologies, etc.

Next Generation DevOps

DevOps, a portmanteau of "development" and "operation" brings together these two distinct strands of IT. This business philosophy has shown that when all parts of the technical teams work together, it results in better software, work develops smoothly with fewer hiccups and fewer bugs. DevOps can also help with the drive towards flexible automation. In the business world, companies are looking for that extra advantage: faster deployment of projects, more efficient use of personnel, ability to react to market change and better software. Thought leaders at this conference discuss how this can be achieved and also point towards the Next Generation tools, such as ChatOps and DevSecOps, which can help a business to meet the challenges of the modern world.

Next Generation Testing

In the ever-changing testing environment, professionals always face new challenges that force them to come up with innovative software testing practices and solutions. This conference sets out to provide an occasion for learning and discussion. Some of the topics covered include mobile testing, QA and Web Performance. Within these and other areas, testing professionals and thought-leaders will discuss challenges that are especially relevant and worth of debate, sharing their experience and knowledge. At the same time round table discussions will provide an invaluable opportunity to interact.


UNICOM, established in 1984, is a UK-headquartered global events and training company specializing in business, IT and quantitative finance. Services include conferences, public and in-house training courses (including certified training), webinars, showcases and networking events. Clients include public/private sector end users, and product vendors and consultants. Other offices are located in Bangalore, India. See:

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