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PathPartner to Introduce RTLS Solution and Precision Distance Measurement at STMicroelectronics Developer Conference 2017

FREMONT, CA, Sept. 5, 2017 -- PathPartner Technology Inc., a technology enabler in developing intelligent systems will be introducing their latest designs based on products from STMicroelectronics at the upcoming ST Developer conference on Sept. 6th at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

The Real-Time Location System (RTLS) solution includes hardware, software and cloud development. This design is based on an STM32-L4 series low-power microcontroller and Decawave's DW1000 Ultra Wideband (UWB) chip.

RTLS Solution for accurate tracking

  • STM32L476 microcontroller-based software for providing asset-tracking intelligence
  • Designed and developed the hardware kit
  • Tracking solution will be scalable for geo-fencing and navigation applications
  • Cloud solution to view movement of assets

The precision distance measurement solution is based on ST's industry-leading VL53L0X Time-of-Flight ranging sensor and STM32F401 microcontroller.

ST Laser sensor-based Precision distance measurements

  • Precision distance measurement based on ST's VL53L0X Time-of-Flight ranging sensor
  • Can achieve measurements with an accuracy of ± 2mm
  • Distance measurement can be viewed on Android based APP
  • Laser sensor-based hardware module developed by PathPartner
  • Connectivity between Android tablet and the hardware module is through Bluetooth

PathPartner has developed a secure microcontroller subsystem for a secure computer with an ST54D (NFC Controller with Secure Element System-in-Package).

Contactless Smart Card

  • Experience with ST contactless smart card portfolio ST54D series
  • Established relation with their Java Card OS provider G&D for ST54D
  • Channel encryption of NFC physical layer

"Our RTLS solution securely shares and reports location to the cloud. Its application could vary from patient safety solutions in the medical industry to asset tracking in manufacturing. On the other hand, our laser sensor distance measurement using ToF allows longer distance measurement with increased speed and accuracy," says PathPartner Senior Vice President Raman Narayan. "The possibilities for applications of these solutions are innumerable, and we have proven expertise in customizing, as well as giving a definitive shape, to any idea by the OEMs and ODMs."

"PathPartner's choice of ST components in their real-time location system, precision measurement, and contactless smart-card solutions speak to the top-notch quality, performance, and reliability of our products," said Tony Keirouz, Vice President IoT Strategy, Ecosystem and Partnerships, STMicroelectronics. "Announcing these solutions at the ST Developer Conference will give them broad exposure to leading industry experts and influencers at this important event covering Smart Things, Smart Driving, Smart Home and Smart City for the IoT."

About PathPartner Technology: PathPartner offers design, development and integration services in advanced embedded technology. Based out of Fremont, Calif., PathPartner Technology Inc. is an affiliate of PathPartner Technology Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, India.

With an unparalleled experience in transforming innovative ideas into full-fledged products, PathPartner provides its clients the advantage of top-of-the-line technologies, superior performance and faster time-to-market options. Having expertise in BSP & device drivers, multimedia codecs, imaging & vision algorithms and hardware design, PathPartner is fully geared for technology driven execution and quality delivery for corporations across industries including automotive, connected cameras, semiconductor, IoT and healthcare.

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