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KnowThings and ObjectSpectrum Partner to Provide Simplified IoT Solutions

KnowThings announces the commercial launch of the self-learning virtualizer at IoT DevCon

DALLAS, Texas – DevCon - June 5, 2017 - KnowThings, a CA Technologies startup accelerator, announced a partnership with ObjectSpectrum, provider of an IoT environment for building and deploying highly scalable and customizable IoT solutions, at IoT DevCon (June 5-6 in Santa Clara). The partnership integrates KnowThings into ObjectSpectrum's turn-key environment to help validate software from prototype to production. In addition, KnowThings also announced the commercial availability of a new self-learning virtualizer that helps accelerate IoT solutions software development.

"The partnership with KnowThings is key to allowing highly-customized applications to be tested with a 10 times advantage when it comes to time and cost," said Eric Lenington, CEO of ObjectSpectrum. "It also allows for simulating real device behavior at all stages of application development. Other benefits include a faster time to market and the ability of application developers to work independently of hardware engineering teams, along with the ability to simulate error, data-corruption, and security-breach conditions, for both hypothetical and real scenarios."

Paragon Innovations, a leading provider of product development and engineering services, recently benefitted from the partnership as the company was able to pilot their test environment to perform scalability, regression and security tests. The result is EyeSeal, a device that combines a proprietary sensor module with worldwide wireless connectivity to a cloud-based tracking application, ensuring real-time visibility to the location and status of shipping containers during transit, protecting high-value commodity products from theft during shipment.

"By capturing real communications between the early prototype device and the original demo application, KnowThings enables application developers to work independently of engineering teams. As a result, they can then simulate the at-scale number of devices during field trials," said Mike Wilkinson, CEO of Paragon Innovations. "After deployment, this simulation capability allows for regression testing as new features are added, which provides a controlled way to simulate real-world scenarios if issues are reported from the field. In addition to the work of developing and prototyping the physical hardware, we faced the challenge of how to simultaneously develop and test our tracking application. KnowThings supported our application testing as the hardware engineering cycle progressed, since there were only a handful of working prototypes, which had to be shared between different engineering teams."

The company also announced the availability of the KnowThings IoT virtualizer, a new self-learning virtualizer that helps accelerate IoT solution software development. Based on its patented service virtualization algorithms and machine learning technology, the KnowThings IoT virtualizer can quickly learn the network interaction and communication patterns between IoT devices and help test edge cases which would otherwise be difficult to test.

"The KnowThings IoT virtualizer saves time and helps you uncover issues at scale and allows IoT developers to build robust code by testing from the ground up," said Anand Kameswaran, CEO of KnowThings. "With our patented solution, we can simulate an IoT environment within minutes instead of days. It helps uncover issues in a customer environment that they didn't know existed previously and works well with any IoT application that needs to test on any scale."

To learn more visit for additional information. KnowThings also has an Early Adopter Program and is welcoming active participation.


ObjectSpectrum offers a modular, network-agnostic rapid development environment for large-scale IoT applications. Specifically designed for the needs of OEM and enterprise customers, it fills the gap between the high cost and risk of "from scratch" development and the limitations of "point-and-click" solutions, minimizing development effort while focusing on security, reliability, scalability, and long-term maintenance. For more information, visit


Paragon Innovations, Inc. is a leading engineering and product development services provider specializing in medical devices, video displays, portable wireless devices, and a variety of other markets. Founded in 1990, Paragon has worked with Fortune 500 companies including 3M, B. Braun, Halliburton, Hitachi, Medtronic MiniMed, Motorola, and Siemens, as well as startup ventures, to provide turnkey electrical, mechanical and industrial design engineering services from concept development to market launch. For more information, visit

ABOUT KNOWTHINGS.IO is a CA Technologies accelerator. It builds KnowThings, an IoT simulation tool, using patented technologies to help developers build advanced virtual devices to test at scale for integrations, and performance. KnowThings generates realistic data to help bring your ideas to market faster, at a lower cost. For more information, visit

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