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Visure Solutions Announces New, Easy-to-Use, Web-Based Platform for Authoring Requirements

Visure ALM 6 Redesigned Platform to Boost Collaboration, Efficiency and Time-to-Market

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 30, 2020 -- The continued work-from-home trend due to COVID-19 has put a strain on some virtual teams as they work to develop products on time and on budget while trying to meet compliance standards.

For those in systems engineering, virtual work coupled with the use of outdated technology has been even more challenging when writing requirements for various products.

In an effort to help make writing and managing requirements more efficient, Visure Solutions, Inc., an award-winning requirements Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) company, is releasing its new Visure ALM 6. The new software includes evolutionary three-tier architecture and an app redesign, enhancing the Visure platform experience with a new look-and-feel and easy-to-use web tool to boost the experience of requirements authoring capabilities.

With a scheduled release date of Oct. 17, the new Visure ALM 6 platform is intuitive and consistent, and enables its users to create their own requirements based on their organization’s needs.

“This modern tool is specifically designed for people in systems engineering who are authoring the requirements,” said Dr. Moustapha Tadlaoui, Visure's CEO. “The requirements management market is still dominated by old and clunky technologies and by the use of Word and Excel tools. This intuitive easy-to-use app redesign will help increase efficiency and optimize processes while speeding the product development process by saving time, strengthening alignment, ensuring quality and compliance and ultimately increase the overall business results.”

Today, noted Tadlaoui, those who author requirements for industries such as automotive, medical devices, aerospace and defense, are still using outdated products such as Word, Excel, DOORS, etc., which can be daunting and subject to error-prone tasks. He added that Visure’s new ALM 6 redesign web interface streamlines that process and helps execute a fully integrated Application Lifecycle Management, including real-time collaboration management, bug & issue management, traceability management, change management, risk management, test management and quality management, etc. The new software tool also enables customers’ data to be in the cloud or within their own infrastructure.

“At Visure we continue to listen to our customers and anticipate their needs. We built the new platform with our client’s business in mind,” Tadlaoui said. “Customers now have full control over their ALM process. The desktop app will continue to provide full capabilities for ALM with a richer, smoother experience for users familiar with MS Office, while providing a full featured, easy-to-use web authoring tool for those users that prefer a web environment. “

Visure, which has been developing the Visure ALM 6 platform over the past year, accelerated its release due to increased demand during COVID-19.

“It became more evident that the market needed this now more than ever,” said Fernando Valera, Visure’s CTO. “The pandemic is pushing people back home, so this is an extra tool to help them collaborate during this difficult time.”

“The requirements are the first step in developing a product; it is so fundamental,” Valera added. “This type of collaboration platform is becoming the new standard/normal.”

About Visure Solutions

Established in 2002, Visure Solutions is a leading requirements management ALM company providing specialized, innovative, and user-friendly solutions to implement efficient requirements management processes, aimed at guaranteeing the highest quality in the development of our clients' products, systems and services. Visure's all-in-one requirements management ALM platform supports requirements management, test management, bug and issue tracking, change management, risk management and variant management. The company's solutions are used across various industries, including aerospace and defense, automotive, banking and finance, medical devices, energy and nuclear, oil and gas, robotics and industrial automation. Visure is also a worldwide certified IREB (International Requirements Engineering Board) training provider of CPRE (Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering) by the IREB. Please visit

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