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LNS Research Names Innovapptive as a Proven Provider in their Solution Selection Matrix™ for Connected Frontline Workforce Applications

HOUSTON, Sept. 12, 2023 – LNS Research, a leading research and advisory firm focused on empowering industrial organizations, has named Innovapptive a Proven Provider within the Connected Frontline Workforce (CFW) Applications space in its latest Solution Selection MatrixTM guide.

This newly released research evaluates 14 key vendors within the ever-important and rapidly evolving Connected Frontline Workforce environment. LNS Research’s data shows that 72% of industrial organizations are reporting that frontline workforce hiring and retention issues have negatively impacted operational performance.

Download your complimentary copy of LNS Research’s SSM Vendor Profile of our Connected Frontline Workforce Solutions to learn why we are deemed a Proven Provider in this important space.

"This is a prestigious list of our industry’s heaviest hitters, so it’s an honor to be included and recognized," said Innovapptive CEO Sundeep Ravande. "LNS did a deep dive into connected worker technology and came up with ratings and guidance that can greatly benefit potential users. Thanks to the depth of their research, it’s clear they understand what we've achieved and the value we bring to the marketplace.”

LNS Research analyzed our Connected Frontline Workforce Solutions using a variety of key criteria.

According to LNS Research, “Innovapptive offers customers a total solution of software, services, and support geared toward companies running SAP applications. The company is deeply embedded in the SAP ecosystem, including participation in partner programs and product certifications.” Moreover, LNS Research states, “Given how widely deployed SAP ERP and IBM Maximo are across asset-intensive industries, we believe Innovapptive will continue to have a substantial market opportunity with the maintenance operations focus of its current CFW solution.”

We believe we earned the Proven Provider categorization due to the following:

  • Patented platform: Patented low-code/no-code platform that allows for easy, instant workflow personalization.
  • ERP integration: Platform designed and integrated ground up with large enterprise ERP (SAP, IBM Maximo) workflows.
  • Integrated workflows: Integrated workflows across maintenance, operations, and inventory management drive better data capture for effective communications and collaboration.
  • Non-ERP data capture: ERP data combined with non-ERP’s last-mile work management data capture (worker location, status, equipment location, inspections, rounds, work instructions, checklists).
  • Breadth of functionality: 200+ pre-packaged inspection forms, planning, and scheduling, operator rounds, work execution, work instructions, inspections, and inventory management.
  • Ease of UI/UX: Ranked #1 for ease of use and UI/UX among KPCs validated by customers (Bain Consulting).

Important Note: LNS Research’s Solution Selection Matrix and Vendor Compendium are based on its Research Integrity Policy. LNS Research does not endorse any vendor, product, or service within its research publications but rather provides an objective evaluation based on specified research methodology and criteria. LNS Research and the Solution Selection Matrix are trademarks of LNS Research.

About Innovapptive

Innovapptive is a digital transformation pioneer offering the only Connected Worker Platform that digitalizes the last mile of frontline workers into SAP and IBM Maximo technologies. Our solutions integrate GIS operational data and data from SAP and IBM Maximo solutions with work instructions, SOPs, and checklists, connecting the entire industrial workforce, machines, workflows, and executives to minimize plant outages and maximize margins. Innovapptive is transforming the experience of the industrial worker by engineering a platform that fuels innovation and collaboration to turn downtime into revenues, risks into safety, and inefficiencies into growth. Innovapptive is headquartered in Houston with offices in Australia and India. Learn more at

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