"Most misfortunes are the result of misused time."

-- Napoleon Hill

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Online Video

Online video as a marketing tool has proven exponentially more effective than static online content, resulting in as much as 400% higher engagement and often 2-3 times higher click-thru rates.

Whether retaining current customers or acquiring new ones, online videos offer the ability to explain your product or service in 60 seconds or less, extend the time a prospect stays on your website by at least 9% and increase the likelihood to buy your product by as much as 64%.

Online video varies in style, type and price points. The trick is to figure out not only how to produce a compelling video, but also create an easy way to implement a marketing effort around this effective collateral asset.

Leavitt Communications will work with you to determine which types of online video marketing will work best to reach your marketing goals. We'll help you create compelling videos that convert. Our solution offers video content creation - often using your existing assets – hosting, analytics and even the tools to implement your online video marketing campaign

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