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July 15, 2020: Display Daily

What to Expect from DisplayWeek 2020

DisplayWeek 2020, the premier event for the display industry hosted by the Society for Information Display (SID), will be held on August 3-7 this year. The entire experience will be online. So what can you expect?

Full, Effortless Access 

When you register as an exhibitor or attendee, you’ll gain access to the virtual forum. Click on the event platform and you’ll be greeted in a reception area and offered a variety of choices. You can attend a talk organized by sessions just like the physical event, or ‘walk’ the exhibit floor, stopping at each booth for product details, images, videos, and downloadable materials. You can also attend the Business Conference, the CEO Forum, or the Women in Technology event. You can even attend classes and training sessions or just hang out in the networking area. You’ll have full access without missing any parallel sessions or walking for miles to reach a destination. We’ll provide a safe environment to learn, connect, and enjoy the benefits of SID’s DisplayWeek.

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Endless Advantages to Going Virtual

The advantages of a virtual event over physical are almost too numerous to mention. First off, you won’t miss anything. In a physical event, there are usually conflicts that keep you from attending everything. Coupled with recorded talks and forums, we’ll also have Q&As and the ability to interact with exhibitors, speakers, analysts, industry experts, as well as SID staff and volunteers. You’ll be able to send multiple people from vastly different geographies, reward top-performing staff, and junior team members to the event. Your attendees will learn, network, and put your company ahead, compared to those waiting for the pandemic to end.

Why Attend This Virtual Event? 

If you spend your life inventing a technology, building a product, or creating amazing applications, you’ll be able to teach a topic of interest to those who enjoy the gift of learning—and you can do it in just a few hours. Your company won’t need to spend its strained budget on airfare, taxis/rental cars, hotel rooms, and food/beverages. You can virtually send 10, 20, or 30 people to learn about your industry’s trends and technology. And they’ll be able to act on this knowledge ahead of your competition.

Hosted by DSCC, the SID Business Conference is the biggest of its kind in the world. It includes world-class speakers talking about companies and technologies that you may not be familiar with. You’ll discover the challenges they faced in bringing a product to market and the global trends they envision that will impact us all.

The Women in Technology and CEO Forum panel sessions feature some of the best role models in our industry. You’ll learn how to overcome hurdles in your career and how to raise money as a startup.

Join Key Players, Thought Leaders, Movers and Shakers

Unlike previous years when most of the attendees were from North America due to cost reasons, SID’s DisplayWeek will draw virtually everyone in the industry. This includes end device makers like Samsung, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Alibaba, Google, Sony, Lenovo, Panasonic, Sharp, LG, and HTC. We’ll also have display makers from China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Europe, and North America, as well as materials and sub-component suppliers worldwide. Over 80% of the exhibitors from the physical event have already signed up for the virtual event including the biggest names in our industry, some amazing startups will showcase at the I-Zone as well.

A Myriad of Benefits for Companies and Individuals

Companies have long recognized the many benefits of attending SID’s DisplayWeek. It allows them to showcase the work they have done over the past year. This becomes invaluable in securing funding and selling to customers who can write those big checks. You can benchmark against the competition and attract the best minds in the world—talented individuals who will become your employees and collaborators.

For individuals, SID’s DisplayWeek is an excellent opportunity to learn about display technology and to understand the various options in the industry. You can plan ahead for trends that will impact your career, learn from the brightest minds eager to share what they’ve learned. It also lets you contribute to the industry (we are always looking for volunteers to join the 400 of us at SID). You’ll learn where your competition is, what your customers expect to launch in 2022, and what they expect from you.

Once a year, you have the ability to shine, to bask in the glow of industry colleagues, who, like you, have accomplished so much in advancing display technologies. See you at SID’s DisplayWeek! (SP)

Sri Peruvemba is SID’s Chair of Marketing and also CEO of Marketer International, Inc.  Contact Mr. Peruvemba at sri@miinc.co.

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