"Though it be honest, it is never good, to bring bad news; give to a gracious message, an host of tongues, but let ill tidings tell, themselves when they be felt."

-- William Shakespeare (Antony and Cleopatra)

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Public Affairs

An effective public affairs strategy is essential for building a long-lasting foundation in a community. We help you increase goodwill, and build recognition that you can leverage to develop strong relationships with clients and prospective clients. Here are a couple of examples:


Leavitt Communications collaborated with the City of San Diego, CA and Bureau Veritas/Berryman & Henigar on an extensive public affairs program. The city approved the construction of an aggressive $1 billion 10-year capital improvement program to address deficiencies in the municipal sewer system.

Many of the city's sewer mains are located in canyons, between property lines or under buildings. Scores of these private sewer laterals need to be rerouted from the old sewer mains to the new sewer mains. Each replumbing project requires contacting residents and property owners in older neighborhoods to schedule, coordinate and gain concurrence with the proposed replumbing routes, including landscape and hardscape replacement.

In two neighborhoods, the city, in partnership with Bureau Veritas/Berryman & Henigar, initiated an extensive one-on-one public outreach program to facilitate design and schedule of the sewer main relocation. To gain concurrence for the replumbs in each neighborhood, the public outreach program was crucial to project scheduling. Recognizing this, San Diego made the crucial decision to make the replumbs and homeowner concurrence a top priority in both neighborhoods as part of the design effort.

By launching an effective communications program, San Diego was able to quickly handle any concerns that residents and property owners had prior to beginning the replumb projects. Roles and responsibilities were clearly defined and a standardized replumb process was initiated. This process expedited scheduling and defined construction alternatives that kept the projects within the pre-established budget. The net result is that this public/private sector partnership will now enable San Diego to more cost-effectively maintain and repair the sewer mains in these neighborhoods. San Diego also plans to expand the replumb program to other areas in the near future.


Bureau Veritas/Berryman & Henigar wanted to network more effectively with key public and private sector officials throughout Arizona to help foster new business development. Leavitt Communications recommended launching a monthly radio program that would be hosted by Bureau Veritas/Berryman & Henigar. The one-hour radio show, known as The Desert Business Hour, was broadcast statewide on KFNN-AM in Phoenix and ran for five years. The firm's Phoenix regional manager hosted the program.

The radio program was a huge success for Bureau Veritas/Berryman & Henigar. Guests included state legislators, city council members from municipalities throughout Arizona, municipal public works directors, community development directors, etc. Topics ranged from parking/traffic improvement issues to local development concerns to Native American land rights. The forum enabled Bureau Veritas/Berryman & Henigar executives to informally meet key decision makers and resulted in significant new business for the firm.

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